iV Therapy Johnson City

IV Therapy Johnson City

Our nutritional iV treatments and booster shots are customized for your body’s cellular needs. PrimeMD’s cutting-edge formularies are continually refined by our practitioners so you receive the latest advancements that help your cellular health.

  • General nutritional health – iV therapy can help replenish nutrients, minerals & vitamins essential to health, mood and skin tone.
  • Recovering from cold/flu – iV therapy can help boost your immune system to reduce the effects of illness.
  • Recovering from illness – iV therapy can help patients with chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and dialysis feel better.
  • Immune System – iV can strengthen the immune system to fight off pathogens that lead to illness.
  • Before & after sports competitions – iV therapy helps marathoners, body builders and other athletes perform their best and recover quicker.
  • Boosting energy & metabolism – Providing nutrients which are essential for enhancing metabolism.
  • Hangover relief – iV therapy relieves hangover symptoms.
  • Anti-aging – Specialized iV treatments, Like NAD+, may slow aging.
  • Addiction recovery – Specialized iV treatments, like NAD+ help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms during recovery.


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IV Vitamins

b-complex: b6 & b12
mIC - methionin | inositol | choline
vitamin c
vitamin d