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Prime MD – Offering comprehensive health management for adults.

We focus on your overall well being with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of your life – now and for all the years to come.

Conventional medicine concentrates on treating patients with medications after patients are already ill and rarely addresses the cause of the underlying illness. In addition, preventive care and wellness is often an afterthought or a 5 minute doctor’s visit.

Prime MD specializes in individualized therapy programs focused on recovering and maintaining optimal health.

By improving metabolic function through:
Bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition optimization, and exercise management, our patients have the opportunity for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Our therapies can have a positive impact on your health including improved fitness, strength,and daily functioning as well reducing the incidence of many chronic illnesses including heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.