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Sarah Boyd

Licensed Aesthetician

Sarah enjoys helping people realize that cosmetics aren't always necessary when we first take care of our skin.



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Sarah's greatest desire as an Aesthetician, is to help others see their own beauty and become confident in the skin they are in!Sarah Boyd was engulfed in the beauty industry at a very young age, 14 years old to be exact. It started with a passion for makeup. She was infatuated with the way make up could amplify the natural beauty one already had. When she was finally able to work a job that allowed her to share that appreciation with others, Sarah felt that she was on the right track to following her passions and dreams.

Though this was only the beginning of what this new path would lead her towards. Inevitably, working with cosmetics opened her eyes to the importance of using quality skin care and overall skin health as the foundation for our makeup application to look flawless.  

This ignited an entirely new passion for helping others see their own beauty and asking herself the question of, what if we didn’t need all the makeup we think we do? Yes, we still love makeup and all that it can do to transform us. But wanting makeup and feeling like we need it are two very different things. Instead, what if we used makeup to enhance our natural beauty rather than using it to hide imperfections we see in our skin.

Sarah suddenly wanted to help people come to realize that the need for cosmetics isn’t always necessary if we change our priority to take good care of the true foundation, our skin! And just like that all of her instincts drove her towards Aesthetics to better understand how to help individuals in their journey toward healthier skin.She is looking forward to helping you on your skin transformation journey in every way she can by customizing her services uniquely to you, giving you peak optimal skin health, texture, and clarity, while restoring and maintaining youthfulness!