“I am a 41 year old, healthy female and went to see Dr. Hummel at Prime MD to optimize my health. Over the past couple of years I began to gain weight around my mid section and noticed an overall drop in my metabolism. I was more irritable with decreased energy level and was experiencing intermittent night sweats. I was concerned that I was peri-menopausal. Dr. Hummel sent me for blood work to look at my hormones and it turns out I was not peri-menopausal, but I did have extremely low testosterone for a woman my age. I was shocked since my endocrinologist and Gynecologist never suggested looking at my testosterone levels, and learned that this is not a standard test for women. Dr. Hummel recommended a low dose of testosterone cream, along with a few other vitamin supplements to optimize my health. Unlike my family physician, I was impressed by the amount of time Dr. Hummel spent assessing me and taking the time to educate me about strategies to improve my diet and exercise. After taking a thorough history and discovering that my mother died of Alzheimer’s disease at 73, he talked with me about proactive steps I could take to reduce my risks of developing the disease. My experience at Prime MD has empowered me to take control of my health. I have made significant lifestyle changes since my consultation with Dr. Hummel and starting the bioidentical hormone therapy. I have lost 12 lbs., have noticed improved mood, concentration and libido. I feel better than ever and would recommend Prime MD to anyone.”


I have been a patient of Dr Hummel and Prime MD for 10 months now. It has been a complete game changer for me. Their iV therapy has added a whole new level to my routine and I have never felt better.

Jeff W.

Dr. Joe, just wanted to let you know that I’m glad you are in my life. I’m also thankful that you are a proactive physician and desire for me to live life to my full potential.


” I wholeheartedly recommend PrimeMD without any reservation! This is a superb organization that is truly dedicated to holistic health. The organization is small enough to provide a first rate customer service experience and an amazing level of individual customization – from pricing to treatment. As an out-of-state customer, PrimeMD met every expectation in maximizing my time and scheduling in accordance with my availability. Each member of the PrimeMD team made me feel welcomed and respected. All of my concerns were professionally addressed. My consultation was efficient but exceptionally informative – leaving me thrilled about my health and highly anticipating a follow-up consultation to track my progress. It’s been one week since beginning my treatment and despite being skeptical, I can honestly say my overall energy, mood, and nightly sleep have all improved markedly. While not yet realizing all the advertised benefits of hormone therapy, I am 100% satisfied with the results to date and eagerly await additional results to take effect! Thank you PrimeMD!“


“ I wanted to thank you again for all of your time and expert knowledge. I have never seen a doctor that paid so much attention to all of the little details and took the time to explain them to me. I am not particularly comfortable in doctors offices but you made me feel right at home. I am so grateful to be addressing health concerns before they become life-changing problems. I am looking forward to many many years of great health and friendship with you both.”


“My visit with Dr. Hummel was exceptional. He went in depth on his plans to revitalize me. He answered all my questions very professional, no wait time, friendly staff, and overall great atmosphere.”