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MacKenzie Miller
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December 05, 2022 | MacKenzie Miller | @MacKenzie Miller

I booked my appointment last minute and had to cancel the next day due to unforeseen circumstances. Although it is not their normal protocol, PrimeMD understood the situation was flexible with their cancelation policy. I really appreciate their understanding towards the situation, and look forward to coming in soon!! Thank you!

Philip Deibel
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December 03, 2022 | Philip Deibel | @Philip Deibel

Alexandra Hardi
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November 30, 2022 | Alexandra Hardi | @Alexandra Hardi

Chelsea M.
Yelp social media icon
November 28, 2022 | Chelsea M. | @Chelsea M.

Angie has been the most professional aesthetic nurse I've ever been to, and I've been to a few in Tennessee where I'm from. With an artistic eye, and the...

Rachel Breeding
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November 21, 2022 | Rachel Breeding | @Rachel Breeding

Angie is amazing! She accomplished what I asked for incredibly! She really took her time to know what I wanted and even delivered much more than I even asked for. I’m so happy with the results!

Dog Mom
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November 19, 2022 | Dog Mom | @Dog Mom

Emily is the best! The entire staff is professional and friendly. I would send any of my friends and family to PrimeMD. From the moment you walk in, it is total luxury & smells so great! I trust the providers suggestions and with confidence, I can say that they have had the best training available. Prices are competitive. Recommend 100%!

Courtney Rose
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November 17, 2022 | Courtney Rose | @Courtney Rose

This office is gorgeous and very professional. Jen is THE BEST!

Veronica Benavente
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November 09, 2022 | Veronica Benavente | @Veronica Benavente

I have been seeing Angie and her team for years. Her talent is amazing and I trust her completely. Lisa at the front desk is amazing and is so helpful and positive. Thank you all!

Irene Melvin
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October 24, 2022 | Irene Melvin | @Irene Melvin

Professional, great staff. Want the best? See the best who educate themselves and dont apply pressure but listens and works with you as an individual. Angela Williams is extremely knowledgeable and a joy. Highly recommend her.

linda odom
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October 24, 2022 | linda odom | @linda odom

I had PDO Threads Treatment today on my neck area. Angie did a great job and made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment! Thanks much Angie!

Carolyn Gleisner
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October 21, 2022 | Carolyn Gleisner | @Carolyn Gleisner

Emily is absolutely the most wonderful! Would recommend her 1000%

Mrss K Selepe
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October 18, 2022 | Mrss K Selepe | @Mrss K Selepe

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Patricia Scott-Finn
Google Review social media icon
October 13, 2022 | Patricia Scott-Finn | @Patricia Scott-Finn

It was wonderful. Jen explained everything I needed and she was so gentle. I didn’t bruise very much at all. I would recommend her to anyone.!

Mariann T.
Yelp social media icon
October 13, 2022 | Mariann T. | @Mariann T.

My appointment with Angela was time well spent. She is one of the nicest people you will ever absolute wealth of knowledge. Angela knows what...

Elizabeth King
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October 07, 2022 | Elizabeth King | @Elizabeth King

I get ALL of my Botox & work done from Emily Horwitz. She’s so gentle & PERFECT. The owner Angela is so kind as well. This is the place!

Jo Anne Jagodzinski
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October 04, 2022 | Jo Anne Jagodzinski | @Jo Anne Jagodzinski

Emily is the most genuine, authentic, high-spirit lady and the only one I trust with my lips! She pays such attention to detail while also listening to exactly what you want. I recommend her and PrimeMD to everyone I know!

Caitlin Condina
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October 04, 2022 | Caitlin Condina | @Caitlin Condina

Angela is absolutely amazing! She’s so much fun to work with and has lots of knowledge. I love feeling fresh, enhanced and natural. And I absolutely recommend Prime MD to everyone.

erika byrd
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September 19, 2022 | erika byrd | @erika byrd

PrimeMD is an exceptional place of business! They specialize in helping people, in all areas. Angela Williams is super knowledgeable and really listens to your concerns and offers honest opinions in regard to correcting your concerns! She does amazing work and I trust her expert opinion.

Caroline Polley
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September 14, 2022 | Caroline Polley | @Caroline Polley

I have been seeing Angie for over a year now getting botox and fillers and I always enjoy the experience! She makes you feel super comfortable and has a wonderful demeanor. She really knows what she's doing. I'm so happy I found PrimeMD and have recommended them to anyone who asks where to go for aesthetics!

Ember Seaman
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September 13, 2022 | Ember Seaman | @Ember Seaman

Emily is amazing! She always listens to your concerns and is able to make wonderful suggestions, even if it's not what you thought you were looking for. She is knowleagble and patient and always willing to work with you to get your best results. Plus, she does all this with a smile, and is so welcoming and cheery, it's just hard to not want to keep coming back! I highly recommend Emily and this entire facility.

Anita Dickens
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September 08, 2022 | Anita Dickens | @Anita Dickens

I had PDO Threads installed to help with my sagging, aging neck and jaw line. I was very pleased with the service and level of care I received. Angie and her staff were pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. I can see a real, positive difference now and can't wait to see my final results. I've found my new beauty team and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend PRIMEMD.

Roger Lafferty
Google Review social media icon
September 07, 2022 | Roger Lafferty | @Roger Lafferty

I have been going here to see Dr. Joe for almost two years now. I mainly see him for testosterone therapy, but have also used a couple other services here as well. Dr. Joe asked me what I wanted out of the testosterone therapy and he helped make it happen. So much so that I’m currently in the best shape of my life and feeling great! My metabolism is back up again and I feel so much more energetic. Dr. Joe gives you his personal phone number to call/text and he will even check in on you after specific treatments. He answers texts and emails promptly and shows a genuine concern for your health. I can’t recommend him enough!

Talia Collis
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August 31, 2022 | Talia Collis | @Talia Collis

Emily is the best!!!!

Cadye E.
Yelp social media icon
August 30, 2022 | Cadye E. | @Cadye E.

Angie, Brooke, Amanda, Emily, Sarah, Jenn, Kayla, Emma, and Sherry make this place special! Every time I walk in, I am warmly greeted and promptly seen by...

Sierra Rivas
Google Review social media icon
August 29, 2022 | Sierra Rivas | @Sierra Rivas

Best place in Raleigh for IV therapy and injections!

Nicole Steele
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August 25, 2022 | Nicole Steele | @Nicole Steele

Prime MD is the place to be! I see Dr. Joe to keep all these hormones in balance....he's amazing and so knowledgeable! Angela for the win for injections 💉 and I saw Sarah today for my very first hydrofacial. I'm hooked and my face looks and feels fantastic! She was engaging, knowledgeable about her products and had so many products to choose from! I'll be back for another one of these!

Karla Reyes
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August 25, 2022 | Karla Reyes | @Karla Reyes

Jennifer was amazing to work with. She was great at assessing what I needed and planning out what I wanted as well as executing it! Made me feel comfortable and taken care of!

Heidi S
Google Review social media icon
August 23, 2022 | Heidi S | @Heidi S

Emily is amazing! We followed her from her last office to PrimeMD and wouldn’t trust anyone else! A group of us go to her for multiple things and she’s great at what she does!! She’s professional, trustworthy, and a face artist :)

Gwendolyn Horne
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August 16, 2022 | Gwendolyn Horne | @Gwendolyn Horne

Wonderful practitioners who are caring and genuinely want the best for their patients! Very very talented and professional caregivers!

Susan A.
Yelp social media icon
August 15, 2022 | Susan A. | @Susan A.

Still feeling Gorgrous! Thank you so much for you care and counseling about my desires. Best in NC!!!!

Aspyn Andrea Maher
Google Review social media icon
August 15, 2022 | Aspyn Andrea Maher | @Aspyn Andrea Maher

Great place! Angela is the very best!

Casey Webb
Google Review social media icon
August 09, 2022 | Casey Webb | @Casey Webb

Only go see Jen if you like compliments! I've seen her for years for all my preventative treatment and trust her completely. She has always listened to all my concerns and we've worked together to create the perfect treatment plan. Plus, she's so gentle you'll barely feel a thing! Book that appointment- you won't regret it.

Joye Silverman
Google Review social media icon
August 08, 2022 | Joye Silverman | @Joye Silverman

R Hart
Google Review social media icon
August 05, 2022 | R Hart | @R Hart

Dave Drakos
Google Review social media icon
August 03, 2022 | Dave Drakos | @Dave Drakos

Jen is the best! She knows what she is doing and cares about your results. I alway appreciate her advice and wisdom she provides every time I see her.

Emery Pulido
Google Review social media icon
July 28, 2022 | Emery Pulido | @Emery Pulido

Angie Cole
Google Review social media icon
July 28, 2022 | Angie Cole | @Angie Cole

Angie Williams is absolutely fabulous! She is a true expert in her field. She’s patient with explaining but quick with the procedures. Adore her & so impressed with her.

Julie Jeleniewski
Google Review social media icon
July 28, 2022 | Julie Jeleniewski | @Julie Jeleniewski

I’ve been to high-end med spas and those experiences were good. I really can’t say anything bad about them. But, I can say that my experience at PrimeMD feels different and in a good way! For starters, I felt like my desires to refresh my skin and chase the fountain of youth were really listened to. Angie understood my goals and boy did she execute. One consultation and IPL treatment treatment later and I feel like the hands of time were rewound. She offered several samples to get me started on a medical grade skin care regimen. (I’ll never go back to OTC) and complimentary product to help my skin heal after the IPL treatment-who does that?! Outside of the product and samples which is just a drop in the bucket, I genuinely feel that Angie is there because she cares about her patients and enjoys what she does. For the record, I still look like me but a more youthful version…just what I wanted.

Victoria Alexis
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July 15, 2022 | Victoria Alexis | @Victoria Alexis

Jen is extremely talented ! I am very particular and selective and from the first time I’ve had her treat me the results and service have been impeccable. I’ll always come to her . Do your yourself a huge favor and book your appointments asap ! The office staff is also fantastic and the ambiance is gorgeous.

Andrea Derijke
Google Review social media icon
July 14, 2022 | Andrea Derijke | @Andrea Derijke

Angie is fantastic. She is extremely friendly and professional and makes you feel completely at ease. I previously went to a different place for years. They were nice and I never had a bad result per se but I also never felt like I ended up where I wanted to be. I also felt like I was expected to tell them what I needed instead of the other way around. With Angie I know she will tell me what will work for me and will create a realistic plan to achieve my goals. She also won’t rush it. I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely be telling all of my girls to switch to Prime MD.

Jayme Williams
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July 08, 2022 | Jayme Williams | @Jayme Williams

Angela is amazing!!! My lips look so natural and the medical spa is absolutely breathtaking!!

W. A.
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July 08, 2022 | W. A. | @W. A.

Paid $$$$ at this center and end up in urgent care and clinic facilities, costly dr. Visits and MRI to fix the threds damage. Angie is so sweet and promises so many great results prior to treatments, however all promises are twisted right after treatment and full payment is received. Dishonesty, greediness, no refunds as promised if procedure was reversed. Don't waste your money, total scam.

Blessing Oni
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July 08, 2022 | Blessing Oni | @Blessing Oni

All I can say is DR JOE IS THE BEST! You should visit Prime MD Raleigh! Awesome service!

Google Review social media icon

Dr. Joe is God sent. I love that guy! He has me feeling like a new man in just 6 months! Im down 31 pounds and have totally changed my diet. My energy levels are about like they were when I was 16. Thank you Dr. you have a life long patient out of me!

krista behrendt
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June 22, 2022 | krista behrendt | @krista behrendt

I go to Jen and she is amazing for my injections and making me look 100% natural. I was always hesitant to starting this preventative care and lip filler but I’m so happy I did! I feel so much more confident. Sara also gives amazing facials! She has helped me with my skin care regimen and now I don’t even wear foundation and feel amazing!

Kerry Ringer
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June 17, 2022 | Kerry Ringer | @Kerry Ringer

Very friendly! Loved Emily! Super informative and felt she was doing what was best for me!

Lisa Meyers
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June 16, 2022 | Lisa Meyers | @Lisa Meyers

I have been seeing Angie for several years and she is the best around! Recently met Jen and Emily. Love them both! Very knowledge and intelligent injectors! You won't be disappointed!! And don't forget to see Brooke on the way out! She will get you signed up for all the reward programs and let you know about specials! Who doesn't love to save money!!! 🥰❤️

Vickie L. Barnes
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June 09, 2022 | Vickie L. Barnes | @Vickie L. Barnes

Nothing professional about any of the staff. Only concerned about getting the money.

Mess Over
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March 21, 2022 | Mess Over | @Mess Over

The Best Experience in the Triangle EVER! I’ve lived here for 21 years and finally we have an amazing establishment. In fairness to others I went to in the past, they were not bad but this is hands down the best. I would say Hollywood standards without making you look fake. Angie delivered exactly what I asked. I was extremely nervous. She didn’t try to upsell me even though I was willing. In fact she was honest and told me what I shouldn’t do. Also recommended a plastic surgeon for my under eye issue. However after receiving the PDO Thread lifts, it seems to take care of my concerns and I literally look like I’m easily at least 20 years younger. (I’ll be 50 next year, shhh). I don’t usually write reviews but I had to with this. This far exceeded my expectations. I had a bad experience in 2020 and my under eye area was butchered by someone at a different spa. I’m so glad I found this place. The atmosphere is calming and everyone seems genuinely nice and caring. I can’t say enough good things about this place, from the front desk to checkout and of course Angie, who was the highlight of it all.

Brian Wilson
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March 16, 2022 | Brian Wilson | @Brian Wilson

Amazing staff and super professional!!!

Hayley Randolph
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February 02, 2022 | Hayley Randolph | @Hayley Randolph

Firstly, I will give credit to where it’s due. I planned for literally four years to come here once I got done with my military enlistment, which took a huge toll on my skin. Angie delivered when it came to the Co2 treatments for acne scarring, and Botox for TMJ. The first encounter was wonderful and she took diligent time and effort with me to make me feel like a worthwhile patient. The next two times I received the treatments I wanted, but the experience was not the same. I kept getting cut off while I was talking. I had another treatment scheduled for today, but Angie moved it up for me a couple of weeks ago. On Monday I called to make sure my appointment was canceled for today, being that I already had my treatment done. Today I get charged $150 on my card. I called and instead of listening to what I said, Angie says “I will give you this one time courtesy and refund the money, but that was a big appointment to miss, you need to know next time to cancel 24 hrs ahead” then as I was trying to explain AGAIN I get cut off and she asks “did I already see you for this? Oh I got it. I’ll send the charge back”. Not a genuine apology for not only putting me through the inconvenience of having my money taken, I get a verbal slap on the wrist like it was my fault. After being in the Marine Corps, time and honesty are huge virtues to me. I wanted the recovery of my face badly enough to drive three hours from base to Prime MD. So needless to say I’m not thrilled. The treatments to recover my face was worth driving for, but I’ll be looking for somewhere else to go.

Cadye Murphy
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January 27, 2022 | Cadye Murphy | @Cadye Murphy

Updated Review (8/29/22): Angie, Brooke, Amanda, Emily, Sarah, Jenn, Kayla, Emma, and Sherry make this place special! Every time I walk in, I am warmly greeted and promptly seen by Angie, Emily, or Sarah (so far). Throughout the office visit, they are thoughtful and keep me informed of everything they are doing during the visit (e.g. steps in The Perfect Peel, areas where filler will be used, warning when I am about to be zapped by the laser, etc.) and are constantly checking on me to ensure that I am as comfortable as possible. After years of tanning beds, no facial sunscreen, harsh skincare, and only having Botox done quarterly instead of treating the entire surface with skincare and maintenance services, I have had a lot to catch up on over the last six months, but I can say that I am on a simple day and nighttime skincare routine and that, plus a BBL treatment, two chemical peels, and some hydrafacial action has DRASTICALLY improved my skin texture, pore size, hyperpigmentation, elasticity, hormonal and fungal cystic acne eruptions, etc. etc. etc. My results are always WAY BETTER THAN MY EXPECTATIONS! ALSO, the ladies at PrimeMD are ALWAYS working! Rather than selling services via social media, these platforms are used for educational purposes and responding to patients and potential patients that may have questions outside of regular business hours. I guarantee that every medical provider is an expert in any and all technologies, products, and services that they offer. From my personal experiences with aesthetics over the years, that is basically unheard of. I had been dealing with this rash on my chest for MONTHS and had been on topical and oral antibiotics, had had multiple blood panels done, and was even taking a large dose of allergy meds twice a day for WEEKS. Angie looked at my chest and recommended that I use a couple of drugstore products that help with fungal folliculitis and within DAYS, the rash was resolved! Another bonus: the facility is STATE OF THE ART but not "cold". It is warm and cheery, just like the staff! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! _______ Original Review: After moving from Greensboro two years ago (and sadly away from my go-to cosmetic center), I had really been disappointed in my experiences at two local spas because I was not receiving the results I wanted (and was accustomed to). I came across Angie’s Instagram page over a year ago but kept putting off scheduling an appointment with her because I assumed that she wasn’t taking new patients and I just really wasn’t enthused about going through the consultation process all over again. As it turns out, Angie is in the same office as Jenn, who is amazing and who is removing a tattoo mistake (would also highly recommend Jenn and Tattoo Renewal for any body laser treatments). I took this as a sign and inquired about scheduling an appointment. I canceled my existing appointment for Botox/Dysport and waited it out and I AM SO GLAD I DID! It is obvious that Angie is passionate about helping her patients achieve natural results that complement their existing features. She went through my medical history and listened to my concerns and goals before analyzing my face and recommending a course of action for botox. I then received a complimentary consultation regarding other recommended treatments tailored to me and I am excited to start a comprehensive maintenance plan! Another thing that makes Angie an exceptional cosmetic injector is that she genuinely cares about patient satisfaction, so much so that she takes time out of her schedule to ensure that new patients have a 2-week follow up! Angie and the PrimeMD staff are wonderful and work hard to accommodate their patients which I greatly appreciate! I think too many service providers forget that customer service is a process rather than a transaction. Thank you, Angie, and everyone at PrimeMD!

Diane Pisch
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October 04, 2021 | Diane Pisch | @Diane Pisch

Justin Russo
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May 31, 2021 | Justin Russo | @Justin Russo

As a patient of Dr Joe’s for several years. I rely on his expertise to keep me in peak performance. Highly Recommend!

Thomas Dunn
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June 12, 2020 | Thomas Dunn | @Thomas Dunn

Chris Michael
Google Review social media icon
March 17, 2020 | Chris Michael | @Chris Michael

My experience with Dr. Hummel has been really positive. He has given me tools to be successful coupled with enthusiastic support. In just a couple of months I feel so much better - physically & emotionally. He actually takes the time to listen to me, and the expertise he's sharing is science-based. He has helped me get back on track to a much healthier place and I'm very appreciative. He has done for me what my primary care provider didn't.

Julie T
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March 15, 2020 | Julie T | @Julie T

Dr. Hummel and his staff are incredible. The front desk staff are so nice and make it a priority to get you in as quickly as possible. Dr. Hummel actively listens and truly wants to help get you feeling the best you can!!!!

Dawn Ohaver Moyer
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January 21, 2020 | Dawn Ohaver Moyer | @Dawn Ohaver Moyer

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January 17, 2020 | Drew | @Drew

Since I have been a patient of Dr. Hummel he has been incredibly helpful to me. I have had amazing results and it has been life changing for energy with my kids, strength in the gym and overall health. He is incredibly honest and encouraging whenever I see him and I can tell he really cares to get to know his patients so he can recommend the best, personalized care. Thanks, Dr. Joe!

Cristina L.
Yelp social media icon
January 16, 2020 | Cristina L. | @Cristina L.

I came to PrimeMD yesterday to try microneedling. I was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect, but my entire experience from check-in to check-out...

Kristina Van Buskirk
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January 16, 2020 | Kristina Van Buskirk | @Kristina Van Buskirk

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Hummel! He is amazing! I have been suffering from surgical menopause for almost 10 years and for the first time I'm getting relief and seeing real results! I couldn't be happier. And all thanks to Dr. Hummel and his team!

Scott Turkel
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January 16, 2020 | Scott Turkel | @Scott Turkel

Leda Fazal
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September 06, 2019 | Leda Fazal | @Leda Fazal

Absolutely love Angie! Thank you for making me feel beautiful 💗

Ajeta Glenn
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July 13, 2019 | Ajeta Glenn | @Ajeta Glenn

Very time I come here its always a wonderful and peaceful experience. The head nurse is always attentive to yours needs. The doctor is his a kind and he listens. Trust me come

Casey Cady
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June 28, 2019 | Casey Cady | @Casey Cady

Prime MD was recommended to me by a friend when I had mentioned that I wanted to try Botox for the first time so I scheduled a consultation. From the moment I met Angie she made me feel relaxed, welcome, and safe. I explained to her that I wanted to start preventative "treatments" since I had just turned 30 and have an infant daughter who I'm sure is aging me faster than I'd like HA! Angie worked with my budget, addressed the areas I saw as problems and gave me several options to achieve my ultimate goal but steered me in the right direction for my first visit. I have seen Angie twice since and will continue to for anything Botox/Filler related. I HIGHLY recommend. :)

sarah pollard
Google Review social media icon
April 11, 2019 | sarah pollard | @sarah pollard

Having recently moved to the area, and having had procedures and treatments elsewhere, I would never go anywhere else. I have never been anything but 100% happy and satisfied with the care and professionalism i have received at Prime MD. I would confidently and happily recommended!

Mary Tulachan
Google Review social media icon
April 10, 2019 | Mary Tulachan | @Mary Tulachan

Angie is the only person I will let touch my face. She has an eye and natural talent for aesthetics, it is her gifting. Not only that, she makes you feel so comfortable while you’re there. It’s like sitting down and talking to your best friend. She is absolutely the best around!

Karin Sorg
Google Review social media icon
April 04, 2019 | Karin Sorg | @Karin Sorg

Angie is the best! Very knowledgeable and experienced!

Jude Flynn
Google Review social media icon
April 03, 2019 | Jude Flynn | @Jude Flynn

Dr. Joe, Angie and the rest of the Prime MD team give top notch care. The office and the team do their best to take care of their patients and treat them like family. Dr Joe will text sporadically to check in and Angie makes lab tests and scheduling a breeze. I’ve never met a doctor and team like this and can not recommend more highly. They will keep you feeling your best!

John Cardono
Google Review social media icon
April 03, 2019 | John Cardono | @John Cardono

I am in my late 30’s and have been fatigued, losing my hair and searching to feel better. I have tried everything. I decided to give Prime MD a try for their IV vitamin infusions. Let me tell you!! Angie and Dr Joe are AMAZING!!! They are knowledgeable, professional and really care about your well being. My hair looks thicker and I am gaining my energy back!! I want to thank Angie and Dr Joe for giving me the best care!!! And Angie’s IV’s are PAINLESS! Thank you both for making a world of difference in my life! I am a customer for a lifetime!

Krissy M
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April 03, 2019 | Krissy M | @Krissy M

This place is great! Angie is very knowledgeable, professional and very kind. It was easy to get an appointment. The entire staff was very friendly. Will be going back!

Chelsey Hodges
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April 03, 2019 | Chelsey Hodges | @Chelsey Hodges

I have been to Prime MD Aesthetics and Wellness a couple of times now, and continue to be impressed by the work done by Angie. She is very professional, nice, and cares about the results you want to achieve. The office is very nice and relaxing. She has done a great job each time and continues to impress me with her work/techniques. The Botox procedure was done flawlessly, had great results, and looked great. She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the length of the procedure. The Vitamin Infusions are amazing and make you feel like a new person! I could still feel the affects throughout the next week. I highly recommend anyone looking for any work or procedures offered at Prime MD to go here and see Angie you won’t be disappointed. Competitive pricing, great staff/office, and comfort is key!

Valerie Elliott
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April 03, 2019 | Valerie Elliott | @Valerie Elliott

I have been patient of Angie's for a while now and my experience has been great! She has done Botox, face fillers and lip fillers with amazing results. She knew what I needed and did not over do!! Thanks Angie!!

Nadine Michael
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April 01, 2019 | Nadine Michael | @Nadine Michael

I’ve gone for the PRP hair restoration which I was happy about because I was experiencing female patttern hairloss but I had no numbing cream or any sort of pain medication before or after the procedure , not even laughing gas - she took quick pictures on her phone to try and document the before and after pictures while other clinics use top notch devices with light and a magnifier to show thier clients the before and after .Angie preformed the procedure and she seemed to be in a rush and very aggressive with the needle . That night I got a migraine and my scalp hurt badly .A couple months after I tried to schedule another appointment but no one would pick up at the office number so I ended up txting Angie as that is how she reached out to me prior to this . I had to cancel due to work twice since I am in the clinical research industry and meetings come up quickly which I cannot cancel . Angie was quick to show annoyance by saying next time if I need to make a reservation I would need to leave my credit card number . The one star is for this clinics willingness to match prices with a another clinic I found in holly springs .

Tammy C
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October 18, 2018 | Tammy C | @Tammy C

I have been a client of both Dr. Joe and Angie for several years and have been thrilled with the results. Not only do I feel better (my pre-menopausal symptoms have nearly diminished), my skin feels and looks wonderful. I resisted the idea of botox for a long time. I heard horror stories and recognized 'bad' botox when I would see it. When I consulted with Angie, she listened to my concerns and did not pressure me to make a decision on the spot. Angie's 'before and after' portfolio combined with her gentle approach made me feel extremely comfortable to move forward and I'm so happy that I did. I've been getting botox injections from Angie for almost two years and the results have been remarkable. In addition, I just finished my first of three Vivace treatments and I could not be happier with the results. My skin tone and texture have already improved from just that first treatment. I would definitely recommend visiting Prime MD if your goal is to look and feel amazing!

Stephen C.
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October 18, 2018 | Stephen C. | @Stephen C.

The one thing that separates PrimeMD from ALL the others is that Dr. Joe Hummel practices what he preaches. Dr. Joe lives a healthy life and sincerely wants to help others be proactive about their health & wellness to squeeze the most juice out of life as possible. I've had several various treatments at PrimeMD and they've all been handled with the utmost of professionalism and with my best interests in mind. If you're looking to optimize your potential - or just feel better about yourself - give PrimeMD a try. I'm extremely glad I did the same years ago - and will be a return customer for years to come. Thank you, Dr. Joe!

Reyes Elizabeth
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October 07, 2017 | Reyes Elizabeth | @Reyes Elizabeth

Abigail Proffitt
Facebook social media icon
February 15, 2017 | Abigail Proffitt | @Abigail Proffitt

Absolutely had the best experience here! Young was able to give me the best brows ever with microblading!!!

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