Shrinkage Week 3: Dr. Joe Recovery

Posted by Joseph Hummel on  September 28, 2020
Category: Shrinkage
It tore right off 100% at the blue arrow… Subscapularis: When the subscapularis muscle contracts, it will internally or medially rotate the humerus. The subscapularis is the only rotator cuff muscle that has this function. In certain positions, subscapularis has some adduction and extension functions. This function also helps prevent anterior displacement of the humerus.
Wife driving me to therapy

Dr Joe’s Muscle Shrinkage – Week 2

Posted by Joseph Hummel on  September 27, 2020
Category: Shrinkage
My Lovely wife driving me to Greensboro for the big cut! 9/23/2020 Decision to reframe shoulder injury and need for 4 to 6 weeks of total immobilization of shoulder and arm as “Leg and Ab Month!” Decided to chronicle the journey to share my struggles and successes. 9/24/2020 Last day at work before surgery. Had amazing Pastor couple lay hands and pray for my recovery, it felt really good, it started the healing in earnest.
9/18/2020 Dr Joe suffered complete rotator cuff tear of subscapularis tendon off the bone with tear of bicep tendon sheath while at a jujitsu practice trying to be a tough guy…but really a wooly old sheep in wolf’s clothing…Immediately, unable to use left arm to put hand on hip or in pocket or even itch belly. Weird sliding band with thunk at times, left thumb and index finger numb. Brain sad. Finished practice because I