Dr Joe’s Muscle Shrinkage – Week 2

My Lovely wife driving me to Greensboro for the big cut!


Decision to reframe shoulder injury and need for 4 to 6 weeks of total immobilization of shoulder and arm as “Leg and Ab Month!” Decided to chronicle the journey to share my struggles and successes.


Last day at work before surgery. Had amazing Pastor couple lay hands and pray for my recovery, it felt really good, it started the healing in earnest. I know that much. My dear Nurse Angie loaned me a shoulder icing device from her husband, was told it was the key to not go crazy with soreness after surgery. Accepted with much thanks. Told by surgeon I needed a recliner to sleep, dutifully, my wife and daughter and I drove to Big Lots and scored a beautiful maroon gliding recliner as soft as Wonder white bread itself…$200 cash out the door, into the pickup and in my bedroom. Slept better. May just get rid of bed forever and sleep on the Big Lot beauty.


Day of surgery, not allowed to eat or drink anything for 14 hours before surgery (despite evidence that shows that no intake for greater than 4 hours is enough), no food and i get a lil grumpy. Wife and daughter bought me a track suit, now I look like Eminem but no mom spaghetti on my shirt. Went to office to get a few last things in place, Nurse Rachel just took some before surgery photos along with a pic of my scale stats.

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