Dr Joe’s Complete Rotator Cuff Tear Journey – The first 2 days


Dr Joe suffered complete rotator cuff tear of subscapularis tendon off the bone with tear of bicep tendon sheath while at a jujitsu practice trying to be a tough guy…but really a wooly old sheep in wolf’s clothing…Immediately, unable to use left arm to put hand on hip or in pocket or even itch belly. Weird sliding band with thunk at times, left thumb and index finger numb. Brain sad. Finished practice because I did not know what else to do.


MRI done, confirmed injury- complete tear requiring surgery… swelling and bruising begins in earnest. Armpit looked like old yellow peach with more hair. Spoke to 25 year friend and  orthopedic surgeon, Dr Joshua Landau, booked for surgery on 9/25.

Since 9/19

Some tears, lots of sniffling (not COVID!), some Tylenol, some self berating, fairly lousy sleep, decided to workout anyway to get a few last days in…very light weights, isolation of muscle groups. Helps for sanity, not too much else.


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