Dr Joseph Hummel has partnered with Dr Jason Miller of Renewal Body Contouring, who is one of the region's most experienced laser lipolysis physicians, to offer a cutting-edge stem cell therapy program for their clients.

They offer various cosmetic liposuction procedures used to harvest high-quality stem cells from the adipose tissue to be prepared for same-day stell cell therapy.

These pluripotent stem cells can be used for injection into painful and arthritic joints, musculoskeletal injuries, nerve-damaged tissues and into the face, neck, and hands for skin and collagen rejuvenation. They are able to inject most joints, ligaments, and commonly-injured tendons as well as treat facial wasting, thinning skin, and deep lines and wrinkles.

Dr Hummel and Dr Miller are also able to offer stem cell therapy coupled with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy to synergistically help regenerate tissues. They offer penis and vaginal tissue injections for improving sexual health and function.

Prime MD & Renewal Body Contouring are offering a cutting-edge, high cell-count, adipose-derived, pluripotent stem cell therapy program

Stem Cell Therapy Stem cell therapy is a simple and safe outpatient procedure

Step 1 : Removal of fat cells with basic liposuction procedure

Step 2 : Once a sample of your fat cells has been obtained, the stem cells are isolated, washed, and concentrated with a specialized centrifuge.

Step 3 : The stem cells are carefully injected into the site utilizing ultrasound imaging if necessary to guide the cells to where the injury / issue exists

What is the recovery time?

Two major advantages of a stem cell injection over other procedures are:

1. No need for hospital stay

2. No prolonged recovery

Most patients find themselves back in their daily routine the day after the procedure. Healing gradually happens over the course of 2-6 weeks and can continue for up to 12+ months.

What are the benefits of stem cell therapy?

Some of the benefits of stem cell injection:

1. Uses your body's own cells to heal and regenerate tissue

2. Outpatient procedure

3. Simple Procedural Process

4. Little to no downtime - back to work the same or next day

5. Can be used in many different sites and tissues in the body- from the face for collagen improvement, to joints and ligaments and tendons, to penile and vaginal tissue