Why Prime MD?

Prime MD is the only fully comprehensive health management center in Wake Forest.

Our focus is on the triad of health- Hormone optimization, Nutrition management, and Exercise structuring. Dr. Hummel has extensive training and experience in the science, procedures and protocols of bio-identical hormone therapy. He is able provide highly personalized medical care based upon lab testing, physical examination and functional evaluation.

If you are between the ages of 35 and 75 and aspire:

  • • To live healthier

  • • To fully restore your genetic potential

  • • To once again experience youthful vitality

our patient-centered approach tailors your program to your health goals.

When seeking treatment, it is important to choose a center that requires a complete evaluation by a medical doctor. It is unsafe and unethical if such an evaluation is not mandatory.

Prime MD requires all clients complete a rigorous evaluation including laboratory evaluation, medical history and complete physical examination to craft a treatment program.