Pre-Menopause And Menopause

Women in their mid-thirties and forties can suffer from Pre-Menopause and women, and in their fifties and beyond can suffer from Menopause. This causes certain hormones like estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones and even testosterone decline. Many physicians misdiagnose hormone deficiency related symptoms or lack sufficient experience with hormone replacement treatment programs to find appropriate solutions tailored to each patient.

As women age, hormone levels naturally decrease, causing the symptoms associated with menopause and affecting many other areas of the body and mind. Many women also experience an increase in abdominal fat due to a loss of estrogen. Experiencing loss of mental sharpness, endurance, libido, emotional well-being, physical health, or defenses against illness is normal, there are treatment programs that can prevent or reduce these symptoms.

If you believe your health is being affected by a hormone deficiency, our bio-identical therapy programs may be a great option for you