Customizable Therapy For Your Body's Demands.

Multiple formulations of essential and composite amino acids, nutrients, vitamins, and metabolism boosters including NAD+, Lipovite, MIC (methionine, inositol and choline), B6, B12, glutathione, carnitine, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), magnesium, iron, and zinc which aids in:

  • • Boosting metabolism by pulling fat from storage to use as muscle fuel (lipotropic agent)

  • • Cleansing the liver

  • • Stimulating nerve conduction – focus and concentration booster, reduces anxious and depressive symptoms- used in treatment of ADHD, bipolar, autism, dementia, and nerve pain

  • • Raising acetylcholine levels during workouts to keep energy consistent during workouts

  • • Building and repairing tissues, making chemical and proteins needed by the body and for repairing the immune system- given to kidney patients to prevent tired blood, post heart surgery patients to aid recovery, to chemotherapy patients to alleviate metabolic side effects, to prevent diabetes in kidney patients, to decrease clotting in atherosclerosis, to prevent memory loss, to treat arthritis, to treat dementia, and to treat male infertility

  • • Increasing androgen receptors promoting new muscle growth

  • • Destroying homocysteine in the body which accelerates coronary heart disease and strokes

  • • Enhancing energy and boosting endurance in those with low B vitamin levels


  • • Review your medical history. We will discuss medical conditions and medications.

  • • Discuss your expectations. We will talk about your motivations and expectations, as well as potential risks.


  • • We will prepare the IV site with medical cleanser, then a nearly painless IV catheter will be placed into selected vein, usually in the forearm region.

  • • The treatment is infused with a liter of normal saline, some folks report a mild flushing or light-headed sensation during the session.

  • • Treatment usually takes 20 to 40 minutes based on flow rate, you will be seated in a comfortable recliner during the infusion.


  • • The IV is removed and a Band-Aid is placed at the site, you may drive yourself immediately after the infusion

  • • After a treatment, you are free to perform any usual activities without restriction

  • • Some report a caffeinated effect on energy and mood as well as increase in urine production