hGH Booster Therapy
(Sermorelin + Ipamorelin / GHRP-2)

Using natural hGH boosters such as Sermorelin + Ipamorelin / GHRP2 therapy has become an effective and popular alternative to increase one’s own production of hGH. These small proteins function as hGH secretogogues which increase the amount of natural hGH secretion in the body.

We have several formulations from basic hydration to advanced metabolism booster and lipotrophic (fat burning) formulations that have various amino acids, vitamins, and minerals added based on your individual need: pre-performance, post-performance, fatigue, metabolism boosting, skin brightening, etc

This compound works to increase the amount of HGH that your body produces, it does not add HGH to your body from an outside source which is where much of the troublesome side effects come into play. Sermorelin + Ipamorelin GHRP2 generally raises HGH levels 20 to 40%, which for most men and women is enough to evoke positive changes in the body without nearing levels that increase the risks described below.

Dr Hummel does not recommend pure hGH supplementation due to multiple risk factors: increased cardiac risk, suspected increased cancer risk, increased diabetes risk, increased risk of gynecomastia (breast tissue in males), as well as high financial cost.

Benefits of Sermorelin + Ipamorelin / GHRP2

  • • Increases energy, vitality, strength and endurance

  • • Increases lean body mass by developing new muscle cells

  • • Breaks down body fat and fatty acids

  • • Improves heart function

  • • Increases calcium retention which strengthens and increases bone density

  • • Enhances the immune system and accelerates healing from wounds or surgery

  • • Promotes non-REM slow wave sleep

  • • Increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of all internal organs except the brain

Method: It is a shot given subcutaneously under the skin each night, a great side effect is that it promotes circadian rhythm physiologic HGH release which can be a very effective sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia symptoms