Longitudinal Wellness Study

A collaboration investigation - Prime MD & YoungBlood Institute

Using best practice medical care- utilizing a physician coach and relational database with just-in-time virtual reality feedback- to determine which pharmacologic, nutritive, exercise, and social connectivity interventions allow for the healthiest lifespan.

Akin to the Harvard Men’s Study, a longitudinal study to accumulate and discover patterns of commonality to predict predisposition for disease and to investigate cutting-edge preventive interventions using rich, big data sets and a medical coaching model.

Western medicine convention currently focuses on diagnosing existent medical conditions and instituting remediation efforts including surgery, pharmacotherapy, radiation, or some combination thereof.

Why wait for a disease to occur if one knows it will happen?

Most people do not die of old age or one disease condition; most people die of multiple diseases conditions stemming from or exacerbated by the confluence of three common root causes: the decline of immune system function, oxidative stress, and chronic inflammation.

We know diet and exercise can mitigate these conditions. However, even people with healthy diets and regular exercise patterns die of diseases that medicine cannot cure because they lack immune system functionality to combat the disease process. Oftentimes, current therapeutics actually impair the body's ability to fight for itself.

We hope in our collaborative study to determine which indicators most reliably predict potential for disease states before they occur AND offer a suite of treatment therapies- including physician coaching, customized nutrition and exercise, prescriptive nutraceuticals, IV therapies, stem cells, and plasmapheresis - to prevent those diseases from ever occurring. The researchers will utilize relational database information with just-in-time virtual reality feedback to create a university-quality social experience and health-focused lifestyle.